Denon has revised its mini hifi system for the seventh time to bring out the D-F102DAB, a small, unobtrusive system that connects today’s and yesterday’s audio technology.

As usual, Denon tells us that the speakers are tuned specifically for UK ears, which makes them ultra-special, but of far more interest is that the hifi has input for both iPods and record players.

Features of the D-F102DAB include CD playback, DAB and FM radio tuners, iPod connectivity with an option dock, a phono input for record decks or an option cassette – we’ll type it again in case you missed it – cassette deck.

The speakers offer a Denon Double Layer cone woofer, highly accurate component matching crossover, a soft-dome tweeter, and a shielded magnet for Home Cinema use.

Eco freaks will be glad to note that in standby, the system uses less than 0.1w of power.

The optional accessories include the iPod ASD-1R dock, which costs £80, and DRR-F102 cassette deck, for £150.

The entire system with speakers retails for around £500, without speakers for £400.