Next time you go to club to boogie the night away, you'll need to ask the DJ to put an MP3 on rather than the latest record. Well that is, if Denon has anything to do with it.

The hi-fi company has just launched a new professional DJ deck called the Denon DN-S3500 that incorporates support for MP3 tracks so DJs can mix up their collection with the latest downloads and rips and costs £699.99.

The new player offers a host of features including stuff that we neither understand or want to for that matter. Hey if the music's good we don't care.

According to Denon, DJ's will be impressed by Denon's all new proprietary 12-pole Direct Drive brushless motor design, delivering instant full rotation speed with a powerful 2.5kg/cm of start-up torque within 0.5 secs.

Still with us? Highlights you probably will understand include Seamless Looping, Scratching, Hot Starts and Effects, with MP3 CBR and VBR encoding up to a very high-quality 320 kbps; with ID3 tags and displays and an MP3 File Search system.

Additionally a Next Track Function with Cross Fade allows the DJ to search for a song by name on their CD or MP3 CDR (without interrupting playback) and then crossfade seamlessly to that file, for a smooth non-stop mix.

Looks like Corinne Bailey Rae will have to change those song words.