Worried that the iPod's maker, Apple is moving in on its market, Denon, the hi-fi company has launched the iDenon ASD-1R an iPod docking system for Denon Hi-fi and Home Cinema Systems.

In a statement from the company, Denon says: “You can buy iThing music systems that cost between £300 and £400. Now Apple has launched the iPod 'Hi-fi' at £250.

"All claim to be 'hi-fi' but are really just overgrown boom boxes and they only work with iPods.”

The company is keen to point out that “For approx £250 street price, you can buy one of Denon's famed D-M33 mini hi-fi systems that plays CD, FM radio etc. Add a Denon dock and at around £320.00 street or less, you get a great miniature hi-fi system, a good pair of hi-fi speakers AND a smart iPod dock, giving results that slaughter any iThing”.

The iDenon ASD-1R is available now and costs £79.99, unfortunately it will only work with a Denon branded system.