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(Pocket-lint) - Looking to get Dolby Atmos support to those who don't want to spend a fortune, the Denon DHT-S217 is a slimline soundbar that offers virtualised support for Dolby's immersive soundscapes.

Looking to minimalise the disruption to your room, it also integrates the subwoofers, so there's no need for a separate box - unless, of course you really want one - there's a physical connection for a wired woofer.

Instead there are a pair of down-firing woofers built into the bar to bring those bassy tones. There's a 2.1 configuration, 6 drivers in total, with dual mid-range and tweeters joining the woofers.

DenonDenon DHT-S217 photo 2

Aside from support for Dolby Atmos, there's support for 4K passthrough with Dolby Vision, allowing you to connect a device directly to the soundbar and pass that over to the TV via HDMI, rather than having to rely on HDMI eARC from the TV itself.

There's a range of sound modes offered as well as Denon's tech for enhancing voice, so you can hear what's being said on-screen.

Aside from consuming your TV media, there's support for music streaming via Bluetooth, so the S217 will be a great addition to a smaller room, handling all range of audio tasks.

The DHT-S217 is only 6.6cm in height, so can easily be placed in front of your TV, or it can be easily wall mounted.

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The Denon DHT-S217 will be available in May, priced at £249 / €269.

Writing by Chris Hall.