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(Pocket-lint) - Prestigious hi-fi companies Denon and Marantz have both confirmed they will be committing to supporting Apple AirPlay 2, with the first updates for compatible products due in August. 

Speaking at parent company Sound United's European Dealer Conference, Denon said it will be the first audio brand to bring AirPlay 2 to AV receivers. Denon's AVRs are already versatile machines, offering Bluetooth and network streaming, but the addition of AirPlay 2 opens up another avenue for customers to stream music. It also means you can use your home cinema system as part of a full AirPlay 2 multi-room system with any other supported products. 


It's not just AVRs that will get the update for AirPlay 2 though, as it will also be coming to the company's 800 series of hi-fi separates, which comprise network and CD players, and an amplifier. AirPlay 2 will also feature on the CEOL N10 networked mini-system and the Heos HomeCinema HS2 soundbar. 

The latter is the only Heos product to feature AirPlay 2 and the current line up won't be updated as it comes down to hardware, rather than a simple software update. Denon has said however that the Heos range will eventually be updated and will feature AirPlay 2 technology. 

While AirPlay 2 will initially launch on 2018 network products, Denon has confirmed it will be able to update 2017 models as well, but nothing older than that.

Marantz, which produces more premium hi-fi and home cinema components, will also be adding Apple AirPlay 2 to a number of its AV receivers and network components. 

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The full list of Denon and Marantz components to support AirPlay 2 is as follows:


  • AVR-X1500H
  • AVR-X2500H
  • AVR-X3500H
  • AVR-X4500H
  • AVC-X6500H
  • AVC-X8500H
  • DNP-800NE
  • DCD-800NE
  • PMA-800NE
  • CEOL N10
  • HEOS HomeCinema HS2


  • NR1609
  • SR5013
  • SR6013
  • SR7013
  • SR8012
  • AV7705
  • AV8805
  • NA6006
Writing by Max Langridge.