(Pocket-lint) - Denon's Design Series of devices will do everything that a large Hi-Fi system will, fitting into your life as well as your home and giving you a compact system without sacrificing Denon performance.

Designed to fit around you, Denon has taken its years of experience in creating high-end audio and made a music system that will deliver on the promise of performance, but with a keen eye for contemporary design.  

"The DRA-100 takes the compact form factor of the M-Series and adds the Hi-Fi audio quality of our full-size components. It's the combination of the best of both worlds: we call it the Denon Design Series: 'real hi-fi for today's lifestyles'," explains Terry O'Connell, president of sales and marketing, Denon and Marantz.

The Design Series consists of the DRA-100 Network receiver, the PMA-50 Class-D amplifier and the DCD-50 CD Player creating a perfect solution whatever your audio needs.  The new creations are eye-catching with a deluxe finish, including soft brushed aluminium with bright silver accents, and gloss and matte black surfaces.

Dubbed "real Hi-Fi for today's lifestyles," the three separate units are compact but powerful with the DRA-100 offering everything for the modern connected music fan, while the PMA-50 Class-D amplifier and the DCD-50 CD Player bring a more traditional offering.

"The PMA-50/DCD-50 combination takes the classic approach of separate amp and CD player, but with digital connectivity for hi-res audio via computer, an audio source gaining popularity," adds O'Connell. "The DRA-100 is the all-in-one solution for the more convenience-orientated customer looking for access to online music services, while having the option to stream hi-res audio up to DSD."


For that modern listener, the DRA-100 Network receiver offers a variety of playback options with built-in Wi-Fi for hi-res music streaming, AirPlay, Bluetooth and other digital and analogue inputs.

You can choose from thousands of internet radio stations from around the world, to listen to what you want, when you want. The accompanying Denon Hi-Fi Remote App lets you control the DRA-100 with your Apple or Android device for complete convenience.

Those still enjoying the quality of CDs can opt for the PMA-50 full digital stereo amplifier combined with the DCD-50 that features a high quality disc drive that plays music CDs as well as data discs for MP3 or WMA tracks.

But don't let the inclusion of the CD player fool you. The PMA-50 still packs plenty of modern technologies in its small chassis, including Bluetooth and NFC, as well as USB for music playback.

The DCD-50 features an elegant compact design that can be operated when placed horizontally or vertically thanks to the slot-loading drive and the Clear View OLED display that automatically adjusts accordingly, making it an ideal choice for any home, large or small.

The new Denon Design Series is available now.