Denon has announced its own entry to the portable bluetooth speaker market and adds the company's audiophile know-how to a device designed for convenience.

The Denon Envaya Bluetooth Speaker offers stereo sound through dual 57mm drivers and includes a 100m passive radiator. Proprietary digital processing technologies are on board and, thanks to Bluetooth aptX streaming capabilities, it is comfortable with CD quality lossless tracks.

NFC pairing is integrated, so you only have to waft an NFC-enabled device close by for it to pair, and Denon boasts the Envaya will last up to 10 hours on one charge. It can also be used to charge external mobile devices through the USB port.

An auxiliary input allows for wired connection to media players without Bluetooth connectivity and the speaker can be used with movie soundtracks too, thanks to a low latency of 32ms ensuring that there are no lip-sync issues.

denon envaya adds audiophile flair to portable bluetooth speakers image 2

The Denon Envaya comes in two colours, black and white, with grilles available in four shades: Lunar (grey), Sunset (orange), Fandango (sky blue) and Indigo (pink).

It's priced at £169 and is available now from stockists and Denon's own website at