Denon has unleashed its latest AV-receiver into the world and, with a 5.1 speaker system included as well, the audio specialist is hoping that the Denon DHT-1311XP will have enough bases covered to make it into your living room.

The DHT-1311XP is made up of the AVR-1311 system along with the SYS-391HT 5.1 speaker system.

So, you'll be getting a HDMI 1.4a receiver, with four inputs and one output, that is compatible with your 3D TV, Blu-ray player and latest-gen consoles due to its 3D pass-through.

It also has 3D sound capabilities too as a result of Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio technologies. It has 5-channel 110W output and comes with the same power amp that Denon uses in its higher end models.

The 5.1 speaker system has 2-way front and centre speakers, two full-range surround sound speakers and a 100W subwoofer with a total output of 650W.

The Denon DHT-1311XP comes out in September and will cost £449.99.