Now, AV receivers don't generally come cheap. It's not really the nature of the beast. After all, they are designed for the audio and visual purist and if the makers of receivers skimped on manufacturing costs, the end result would be a sub-standard product.

Still though, some AV receivers are obviously a bit more pricey than others and even AV snobs will have some sort of budget to stick to.

Last week, we told you about Onkyo's two new flagship receivers, due to retail at £1700 and £2400. If they are a bit too expensive for you, but you still want a name you know you can trust when it comes to AV receivers, then you might be interested in Denon's latest two models - the Denon AVR-3311 and the Denon AVR-2311.

Both receivers have identical quality and power for all channels (135W x 7ch) and support HDMI 1.4a including 3D connectivity.

They have six HDMI in ports (the AVR-3311 has one at the front as well) and HDMI out (one for the AVR-2311 and two for the AVR-3311).

They have high definition audio support  and Dolby Pro Logic IIz processing with digital direct play for iPod and iPhone via USB. All inputs can be 1080p upscaled .

With these Denons you can set up audio and video to multiple rooms - the AVR-2311 has two-zone, two-source capability, while its bigger brother offers three-zone, three-source support. Both models also offer advanced Audyssey room calibration.

Finally, there is an Ethernet port for hooking up to your home network (they are Windows 7 compatible) as well as allowing you to stream Flickr and internet radio. You can control your receiver from within your browser using the dedicated set-up address.

The AVR-3311 will be available in black or silver and the AVR-2311 in black. They'll be out in August priced at £1199.99 and £799.99 respectively.