Creative has announced a new wireless streaming system for the iPod, the Xdock Wireless.

It, unsurprisingly, given the name, docks an iPod and plays music in Xtreme Fidelity, or beyond CD quality, via X-Fi Wireless Receivers in any room in the home. The “beyond CD quality” is because of an X-Fi Crystalizer, which makes MP3s sound better than even CDs by analysing which parts have been damaged during compression and then restores the sound.

The Xdock Wireless also connects to an existing speaker system or home theatre to play video, photos, and music, through its line-out connection, or S-video and composite video-out connections.

It comes with a remote control to navigate the iPod's menu and activate various options; charges the iPod; and plays music up to 100 feet away.

The Xdock Wireless will be available for around $200, while each receiver will cost around $100, but a bundle with both will also be available for less than $300.