Aside from the TravelDock 900's, Creative has also launched two new speakers sets as apart of its I-Trigue range to offer MP3 player owners the chance to share music on the go.

The I-Trigue L3800 are designed for desktop and notebook PCs and MP3 players is the first speaker system to include a wireless IR remote that controls the speaker system as well as compatible Creative Zen MP3 systems such as the Zen Vision, Zen Vision:M, Zen Sleek, Zen Sleek Photo, Zen Micro and Zen MicroPhoto and works within a distance of 20 feet/6 metres.

The I-Trigue L3800, which delivers 48 Watts RMS of power, uses Creative's proprietary NeoTitanium micro driver technology as well as featuring Creative Lateral Firing Transducers (LFTs). These mid-range, side-firing drivers promise to fill the mid-range gap between highs and lows, delivering a wider soundstage and fuller, more natural sound.

In addition, the system incorporates bi-amplification - two amplifiers in each satellite that separately drive the LFT and NeoTitanium micro driver to achieve maximum power and performance.

The I-Trigue L3800 speakers will cost £99.99.

The second and third set to be announced by the company are the I-Trigue 200 and I-Trigue 250 speakers. Designed purely for MP3 player use, each system features Creative's NeoTitanium micro drivers: one per speaker in the I-Trigue 200, and two per speaker in the I-Trigue 250.

Both sets come with three swappable faceplates in pink, blue and neutral translucent with optional faceplates in black and green available separately.

The I-Trigue 200 and I-Trigue 250 speakers will cost £29.99 and £39.99 respectively.