Creative has launched a new range of portable travel speakers for its range of MP3 players including a model geared towards the Apple iPod Shuffle, a player by one of its major competitors.

The new models will sell under the TravelSound and Travel Dock brands and fit Creative's Zen Micro and other Creative MP3 players.

There will be four new models in total: Creative TravelDock 900, The Creative TravelDock Zen Micro, Creative TravelSound 400 and the Creative TravelSound 250.

The Creative TravelDock 900 has a built-in docking stereo audio plug for instant connection to any MP3 player, including Apple's iPod Shuffle. Its glossy white enclosure in a clamshell design incorporates two NeoTitanium micro drivers that deliver 4 Watts total RMS music playback. With the built-in digital amplifier, it will give 32 hours of playback on four AAA batteries. When hooked up to a power adapter, the Creative TravelDock 900 even has the ability to charge the Apple iPod Shuffle.

The Creative TravelDock Zen Micro is not surprisingly designed for the Zen Micro and will allow users of the MP3 player to dock to a PC to transfer music files to and from the unit. The Speaker system itself will feature headphone and subwoofer connectors and a FM antenna.

Equipped with a digital amplifier, it delivers up to 25 hours music playback on four AA batteries while the powerful 8 Watts total RMS speaker even comes with an infra-red remote control that allows users to control the power and volume of the speaker, as well as Zen Micro player functions such as Play/Pause, Next/Previous track.

The Creative TravelSound 400 offers a 180º swivel design that can be rotated out of the way for speaker protection and automatic power-off. Featuring 4 Watts total RMS power, the Wide Stereo Effect and NeoTitanium micro drivers, it gives up to 35 hours of playback from its AAA batteries.

The Creative TravelSound 250 offers 25 hours playback from four AAA batteries features a dual-angle swivel enclosure and provides 3 Watts total RMS via its NeoTitanium micro drivers

No UK pricing has been set for the models however in America the speakers will cost $249 for the Creative TravelDock Zen Micro, $169 for the Creative TravelDock 900, $129 for the Creative TravelSound 400, and $89 for the Creative TravelSound 250.