Creative has announced a new speaker system, the Creative Dxm. The new modular system is comprised of the Creative D3xm, D5xm and the DSxm subwoofer and looks to enhance the previous ZiiSound system.

The system will self-calibrate, meaning you can place the speakers in your room and have them best adjust to the environment. It's not a new concept, as it has been commonplace on high-end audio systems such as surround sound AV receivers for some time, but not in conventional Bluetooth audio products.

"We wanted to create a speaker system that would completely shake the foundations of traditional speaker conventions," said Mac Aw, director for worldwide marketing at Creative. "With app-enabled room calibration, wireless modularity and fully customisable audio, the Creative Dxm Signature Series now allows the average user to experience a level of audio quality previously enjoyed only by audiophiles with the most expensive equipment." 

creative dxm bluetooth speaker system brings self calibration modular expansion image 2

There will be an Android and iPhone app available so you can control the calibration process, as well as getting access to a range of sound profiles to best suit the type of content you're listening to. Room calibration is listed as working only with the iPhone 5, iPad 3 and Samsung Galaxy Note 2, however. We've contacted Creative to see exactly why there's a limitation on supported Android devices, we'll update if we get an answer.

Of course, this is a wireless Bluetooth system, supporting the aptX codec and AAC, so you'll be getting the best quality you can from your mobile device.

The modular system allows you to expand the setup as you see fit. You can start with the Creative D5Xm or D3xm, both of which offer stereo playback as a conventional Bluetooth speaker.

You can then add the Creative DSxm subwoofer for more bass. If you wish you can take it further, adding more D5xm or D3xm speakers to wide the soundstage or create a 3.1 system.

Creative is emphasising the focus on quality and from what we've heard of Creative's Bluetooth speakers in the past, we're sure that will ring true.

The Creative D5xm will cost you £279.99, the DSxm is £159.99, both available in May 2013. The Creative D3xm is £159.99, available from June 2013.