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(Pocket-lint) - A welcome return for our regular series of bite-sized music interviews puts the editor of Prog magazine Jerry Ewing in the hot seat. We find out his musical tastes and heroes to give you some tips of what to cue on your home or portable system, gleaned from his expert insight.

The series, run in collaboration with Brit audio firm Cambridge Audio, has spanned a wide variety of musical styles and it is refreshing to delve in the world of rock and metal this week.

Prog magazine from TeamRock is the sister title to Metal Hammer and Classic Rock, the latter of which Ewing originally launched, and is the world's leading title about progressive rock. It features interviews with and articles about some of the world's biggest names in the field. The latest issue's cover stars are Rush, for example. A ten-track CD comes with the mag and you can also subscribe to an iPad edition.

So, without further ado, what platters should we be spinning today?

Who are you?

"Jerry Ewing; writer, broadcaster, editor of Prog magazine and founder of Classic Rock magazine."

Prog magazinemusic sounds better with prog magazine s jerry ewing image 2

What do you do?

"Edit Prog magazine for TeamRock, and write for Classic Rock and Metal Hammer. Write a few books. Natter away on TV and radio. That kind of thing."

What are your top five tracks right now?

"Regret #9, Steven Wilson.

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"Rock The Blues Away, AC/DC.

"Wolflight, Steve Hackett.

(cc) Carl Lendermusic sounds better with prog magazine s jerry ewing image 3

"The Take Off And Landing Of Everything, Elbow.

"Louder Than Words, Pink Floyd."

What’s your favourite British band and why?

"If you call AC/DC a British band (as four out of five members are from the British Isles), then them without a doubt. The band that got me into music when I was a kid growing up in Australia. If not, then Pink Floyd - I just love the grandioseness and epic feel of almost everything they do."

What track makes you think of the summer?

"Staying Out For The Summer by Dodgy."

What track makes you think of the winter?

"A Winter's Tale by David Essex. Mostly because my sister hates it so I continue to wind her up with it to this day!!"

What’s your favourite gadget you are hoping to buy soon?

"Just got a Google Chromecast - it's ace. Am pretty up to speed with boys toys, but it'll probably be a bigger, more intelligent television (if that's not a misnomer)."

When you listen to music on the go, in a hotel room or the like, do you listen to music on a pair of speakers or are you a headphones kind of person?

"In transit, headphones. In a relaxed, away from home setting, Bluetooth speakers."

If you could have lunch with one band or singer (dead or alive) who would it be and why?

"Bon Scott, the late singer form AC/DC. My great friend and fellow writer Malcolm Dome, who knew Bon, paid me a huge compliment saying 'Bon would have liked you'. I'd hazard a guess it would be a liquid lunch!!"

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Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 16 January 2015.