Cambridge Audio will be showing off a new line-up of Hi-Fi preamplifiers, amplifiers and speakers, next week, at the CES 2014 tradeshow in Las Vegas.

Specifically, the company wants to show off its flagship series, Azur 851, which consists of the Azur 851E preamplifier for $1,999 (£1,210), Azur 851W power amplifier for $1,999, and Azur 851D digital-to-analogue converter for $1,649.

It will also introduce a two-channel extended power amplifier for $1,099, called the Azur 651W, and new Minx Speaker lines, including the Minx XL satellite speakers for $350  and Minx C46 ceiling speakers for $129.

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As to availability, Cambridge Audio said everything wold be available  to buy in January 2014, though the Azur 651W and Minx LX will release in the spring. Expect to learn more about Cambridge Audio’s entire line at CES.

Check out the photo gallery below for a closer look at the upcoming Hi-Fi preamplifiers, amplifiers and speakers from Cambridge Audio.