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(Pocket-lint) - After nailing high-quality wireless tech for its headphones, including the superb B&W PX cans, Bowers & Wilkins is ready to embrace it in its bread and butter products: its speakers.

The Bowers & Wilkins Formation system also sees the company embrace multiroom audio technology for the first time.

It is comprised of the Formation Deo wireless bookshelf-style speakers, the Formation Wedge sound system that looks to be inspired by the B&W Zeppelin speakers of old (from its front, at least), the Formation Bar - a wall-mountable soundbar, and the Formation Bass subwoofer.

There is also a Formation Audio transmitter that can stream 96/24 bit audio to the Formation speakers adapted from analogue sources.

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All units, save for the Audio, can work independently or as part of a whole home setup. The Duo speakers, for example, are Wi-Fi, AirPlay 2, Spotify Connect, Roon and Bluetooth compatible from the box.

Where they all differ from other multiroom solutions on the market is that they feature audiophile quality components.

The Duo speakers each also feature carbon domed tweeter-on-top design adapted from B&W's 700 Series. The Wedge has two 40W tweeters, two 40W midrange drivers and one 80W subwoofer inside. And the Bar includes nine drivers in total: three 25mm double dome tweeters and six 65mm woven glass fiber cone bass/midrange drivers.

The separate Formation Bass subwoofer offers 250W of thumping performance from its opposed dual driver technology.

All the units connect to each other through proprietary Formation Wireless Technology and can be setup and modified through dedicated Android and iOS apps.

The Duo speakers are available in black or white, the Wedge in black or silver, while the other devices will be available in black only.

Prices start at £599.99 for the Formation Audio transmitter and run up to £3,499.99 for the pair of Duo speakers.

Writing by Rik Henderson.