(Pocket-lint) - Bowers & Wilkins has launched a revamped line-up of speakers for its 600 Series. There are six new speakers in the range in total, with two differently sized floorstanders, the 683 and 684, a bookshelf satellite, the 685, and a compact speaker for those with less room, the 686. There are also two centre speakers, the HTM61 and the slimmer HTM62.

They can also be matched with any of the currently available 600 Series subwoofers: ASW610XP, ASW610 and ASW608.

The new 600 Series speakers can be used for hi-fi or home cinema, with two ready-prepared surround sound packages on offer. You can make up your own combinations, but one of Bowers & Wilkins' suggestions, the 684 Theatre set, comprises two 684 floorstanders, an HTM62 centre speakers, two 686 rears and an ASW610 sub.

The other, the 683 Theatre, comes with two of the larger 683 floorstanders, an HTM61 centre, 686 rears and a slightly beefier ASW610XP subwoofer.

Improvements across the range include double dome tweeters derived from the company's CM10 speaker, anti-resonance plugs for mid/bass drive units and the manufacturer's traditional Kevlar cones. New technologies especially developed for this line-up include dual layer aluminium bass drivers and tweeter decoupling tech that comprises two separate aluminium domes that are designed to benefit clarity and tonal purity.

All of the speakers in the range are available in black (Black Ash) and white, with prices ranging from £349 per pair for the 686 satellites to £1,149 per pair for the 683 floorstanders. They will all be available from March.

Writing by Rik Henderson.