Bowers & Wilkins has brought its latest stylish audio option to the table - the suave looking PM1 speaker which it describes as "probably the most refined small speaker yet created".

The PM1 compact loudspeaker features a carbon based tweeter that is designed to make the famous B&W aluminium domes even more spectacular than they were before.

This tweeter "raises the break up of the aluminium dome" to around 40KHz creating a "dramatic effect on the audible frequencies below 20kHz".

The PM1 also packs a Kevlar cone bass/midrange driver, an anti-resonance plug and a matrix bracing system.

A whole lot of space talk, that's for sure - so what can you expect to pay for a set of speakers featuring more buzz words than a new media marketing conference?

£1995 per pair - that's how much. Certainly not cheap - but Bowers & Wilkins have rarely disappointed in the past, so it could be money well spent. The stands are also pricey though at £400 per pair.

Better book an appointment with your bank manager.