Hi-Fi manufacturer Bowers & Wilkins, which showed off its first pair of headphones the other day, has also built a pair of desktop speakers for use with computers. The MM-1 PC speakers claim to "revolutionise the experience" of music, video and games.

The product has been built by the same team behind the company's Zeppelin iPod dock, and each channel contains a full range, active, near field monitor with two drive units that include an aluminium down tweeter for snazzier treble. Bass output shouldn't be too much of a problem either, says the company, thanks to various proprietary DSP techs that have been crammed in.

There's a headphone jack, so you can plug in your own cans for a better listening experience than the jack port on your laptop or desktop. It also has a cable management system, as well as a pebble remote control that works with iTunes and Windows Media Player.

The MM-1 will be available from January. No word on pricing, but when we hear we'll let you know.