Bose has introduced the new SoundDock Portable digital music system, a speaker system for iPods that joins Bose's existing iPod-friendly line-up containing the SoundDock system, but this model can be taken with you while on the move as it has a rechargeable battery.

"Bose engineers had a clear goal: to develop a battery-powered speaker system that would match the audio quality of the original SoundDock system without increasing its size", said John Roselli, director, Bose home entertainment division.

"We’ve done that. The new SoundDock Portable digital music system reflects our commitment to research and our passion for offering people new ways to enjoy music."

The SoundDock Portable contains Bose's waveguide speaker technology and neodymium transducers with the claim that running from battery, as well as the unit's slightly smaller size, has not affected the sound quality.

The lithium-ion battery runs the system for three hours at full volume, is charged via a wall socket, will charge an iPod either when operating on battery power or when plugged in to a wall.

A new infrared remote can operate the iPod and system from across the room and now features playlist control while touch-sensitive volume buttons also are located on the unit itself.

The SoundDock Portable system works with iPod nanos, minis and video iPod as well as other MP3 players via line-in. It will be available from October 2007 in hi-gloss white or black for £279.