Bose has brought the second generation of its Acoustic Wave music system, which incorporates new sound technology, to the UK.

Like all Bose products, the Acoustic Wave system does not come cheap at £885. It’s designed around a 2.3 meter long “waveguide” that is folded inside the unit.

The performance of this waveguide has been enhanced by more accurate reproduction of musical instruments, with clearer low notes and more natural high and midrange frequencies.

The CD player now plays MP3 CDs in addition to regular CDs, while a new talk radio mode improves the sound of artificially boosted low frequencies from some talk radio shows.

A Bose link connector has been added to allow it to more easily hook up with other Bose link-enabled systems.

Also new are a headphone jack and a digital FM/AM tuner, as well as an extra input jack for hooking up portable audio players or a TV, for example.

Optional accessories for the Acoustic Wave system include a premium backlit remote to replace the bundled credit-card-sized remote, as well as a 5-CD changer. They retail for £300 and £35 respectively.