It seems that a new iPod dock is launched every week in the UK at the moment. The latest is the Klipsch iFi home stereo system for iPods.

Coming complete with an 8-inch subwoofer, 2 RSX-3 satellite speakers, a functional iPod dock, and a radio frequency remote the new iFi connects to the all iPods including iPod mini, iPod photo, and early 1G and 2G. The shuffle and nano need to connect via audio port on the rear of the dock or subwoofer, but this does mean that no iPod fans can get in on the action too.

Priced at £249, it's a touch on the pricey side, but according to reviews Stateside the outlay is supposedly worth it. iPodlounge even goes as far as saying:

“The pre-production iFis offer a sonic experience that outstrips Bose's - and pretty much all other iPod-specific speaker systems - by a fair margin.”

The company has also launched the iGroove, an all-in-one portable stereo system that fits all types of MP3 players that costs £199.

Both new speaker systems are available exclusively for 2 months from