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(Pocket-lint) - If you've ever wanted pop-up gadgetry in your kitchen then S-Box has the answer, with a clever system that will integrate the likes of an iPad or 19-inch TV into your kitchen worktop.

The S-Box is designed to fit behind your kitchen cupboards and pop-up through your worktop when you touch it, meaning that you can have the nice clean look when you don't want all your tech on show. 

But this isn't just a storage compartment, as it's wired for power too, so your iPad or Bose Soundlink II will be fully juiced.

The Bose option is interesting, as the S-Box has been designed specifically to accommodate the Soundlink II Bluetooth speaker. Of course, the Bose sound system doesn't come included, you'll have to source that yourself.

There's also an option for a 19-inch TV, which is detailed as coming with a Freeview tuner and DVD player. Of course you could just plonk your TV on the worktop, but this does at least mean you can save it from being splattered while you're working up your next Masterchef dish.

Naturally there is a range of other options, such as regular plug sockets, including one that incorporates two USB sockets to charge your devices, as well as pop-up spice racks and knife holders.

The company details that you can change the top of the S-Box from the default stainless steel to match the surfaces around it. 

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S-Box is detailed as being available from good kitchen retailers, but if you're thinking of a new high-tech kitchen, perhaps you should investigate further. You can expect to pay around £599 for the TV option, £299 for the plugs with USB.

Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published on 21 May 2013.