(Pocket-lint) - Bose is looking to demystify the dark arts of the home cinema with the launch of an intelligent integrated system the company calls Unify along with a product range to go with it.

The home cinema in a box solution that is the Bose Lifestyle series now features this software as standard which guides the customer through set up, wiring, syncing remotes and easy menu navigation in a way that is designed to pass "The babysister test" as the company calls it. In other words, it's so that someone with no pre-knowledge of the set up or home cinema experience could come in and operate it without a problem.

The new Lifestyle 5.1 systems - V35, V25, T20 and T10 - come with numbered boxes designed to help installation. You use all the parts in each one before moving onto the next. There's then a series of simple on screen steps, complete with correct and incorrect feedback noises so the user knows if they've done good or not, and it'll run you through programming the included universal remote touted as far simpler than the usual suspects out there.

Once you've got the system up and running, one of the best features is that the input menus don't talk to the users about HDMIs, AV1s or AV2s but they automatically sense what's plugged into each and call them "Blu-ray player" "iPod" or whatever each one is.

"Even the inputs on the backs have been completely redesigned to know what's been plugged in and if it's been plugged in properly", said Bose. "We're trying to be the engineers, so we can let the users be the customers".

The V-class systems come with 6 HD inputs, 4 HDMIs, 1080p upscaling, HD audio, AM/FM tuner, an iPod dock, Bose Link in and out, and the universal remote which has even been trimmed down, losing most of the extraneous buttons that you'd expect on normal controllers.

The £4499 V35 comes with the top-end Bose Jewel Cube speakers and the £3499 V25 with the Direct/Reflecting arrays. The £2999 T20 system and £1999 T10 are without the dock and tuner, and come with Direct/Reflecting and Virtually Invisible speakers respectively.

All the systems are out now available in the flagship Regent Street store and it's well worth dropping in for a listen if you happen to be passing.

Writing by Dan Sung.