Not content with domineering the headphone market, Beats by Dr. Dre has turned its attention to wireless speakers by unveiling the Beats Pill.

With Beats Audio technology embedded in the device, Beats is promising the same high-end audio experience as found in its headphones. With a built-in mic and echo cancellation, by pairing a mobile phone with the Beats Pill, users will also be able to make and receive calls, conference style.

The speakers are Bluetooth compatible, and the Beats Pill is also fitted with NFC technology so compatible handsets can be paired by simply tapping the two devices together. Tunes stored on your phone or tablet can then be played wirelessly, with Beats promising seven hours of continuous play before you’ll need to refuel.

The Beats Pill can be charged via USB, while should a Bluetooth or NFC signal be lost for more than 30 minutes then the speaker will automatically switch off so as to save power.

The Beats Pill Wireless Speaker will be available in black, white and red, with additional colours scheduled for the future. Pre-orders can be made now from the online Universal Music Store for £169.95, with a shipping date scheduled for 5 November.

Perhaps to prove they aren’t neglecting their headphone duties, Dre and co have also unveiled a new high-end set of cans. The Beats By Dr. Dre Executive Headphones are made from a combination of aluminium alloy, stainless steel and leather.

beats by dr dre prescribes nfc portable wireless speaker in the shape of the beats pill image 2

Featuring Active Noise Cancellation, which Beats claims will ensure a disturbance-free listening experience even when flying at 35,000ft, the Executive headphones are iOS compatible for handsfree calling on the iPhone.

The Beats By Dr. Dre Executive Headphones are available to pre-order now, again from the Universal Music Store for £269.95 with a release date of 29 October.