Bang & Olufsen has launched the BeoSound 5 in the UK, describing it as "an icon in the making, offering high-quality digital music experiences in the home".

The BeoSound 5 is a digital music system with an unusual design that sees an aluminium wheel and pointer mounted on the side of the control unit for one-handed operation and "an astonishingly tactile experience".

The wheel gives scrolling options while the device's graphical interface is said to be "at once intuitive and inspiring".

With the press info chock full of such statements as "BeoSound 5 appeals to your instincts and desires. It is designed to make you want to come closer and play with your entire music collection", the system offers B&O's "MOTS" that describes playing a song as like "planting a seed".

Whenever users start playing their favourite music on BeoSound 5, MOTS automatically scans the library and finds similar tracks based on parameters such as rhythm, syncopation, key tonality and vocal harmonies.

The BeoSound 5's control device is backed up by the BeoMaster 5, a black box designed to be "discretely sequestered" out of sight. The BeoMaster offers up to 500GB storage capacity.

The BeoSound 5 will be available from March 2009 priced at approximately £3500. Speakers not included.