Bang & Olufsen, famous for its high-end sound gear, televisions and all things home entertainment has launched a set of computer speakers for the PC enthusiast who has everything.

Ideal for gamers, music fans, or anyone who spends a disproportionate amount of time in front of a computer screen, the new speakers will set you back a tidy £830 per pair.

The loudspeaker, called BeoLab 4, according to B&O is a very small yet very powerful loudspeaker based on Bang & Olufsen's proprietary digital ICEpower amplifier technology. BeoLab 4 connects to a PC or Mac using a normal mini-jack plug and is immediately ready to use.

"In developing BeoLab 4, we wanted a loudspeaker that could be used with PCs as well. Sound is playing an increasingly important role for PC users, especially with ongoing developments in games and music", product manager Michael Jensen explains.

Despite its 20cm height and 22cm width, the little pyramid-shaped loudspeaker promises fantastic sound and automatically adjusts the bass according to the playing volume.