(Pocket-lint) - Bang & Olufsen is known for its incredible design aesthetics and, often, different approach to everyday technology, but the new B&O Beosound Edge wireless speaker really is something from another planet. In a good way.

The company says that it "completely reimagines how we live with sound", which is a fancy way of saying that it is as close to a regular Bluetooth soundbar or speaker unit as the F-117 Nighthawk stealth bomber is to a Mini Cooper.

For starters, it is circular with an aluminium surround and proximity sensors that light a touch interface when you approach it. And you can gently roll the speaker itself to increase or decrease the volume.

There is a huge 10-inch woofer bass driver in one side, with a custom slim design and long excursion, while each side of the speaker also sports a 4-inch midrange and 3/4-inch tweeter.

The Beosound Edge also features new tech inside to maintain clarity and power at high volumes. Its proprietary Active Bass Port unites both closed box and ported design concepts that swap modes depending on volume. At lower volumes, it utilises the closed cabinet principle, while the active bass port opens as volume increases.

The speaker also comes with directional sound control through a B&O app, for the user to define the direction sound radiates.

Its front fabric comes in matt black but Bang & Olufsen will release additional, exchangeable colours over time.

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The Beosound Edge will be available from mid-November, online and in Bang & Olufsen stores. It will be priced at €3,250. We are still waiting for UK and US pricing.

Writing by Rik Henderson.