Of all the small Bluetooth speakers out there, the B&O Play A1 has to be near the top of our list. It's small, round, sounds great - and it's now £59 cheaper for one day only.

That's right, the BeoPlay A1 has hit Amazon's Black Friday sales, meaning that it sees this price reduction for 1 day only, so you have to move now to get it at £140. 

The BeoPlay A1 is a great travel speaker, compact in size but delivering plenty of that B&O sound. It's also water and dust resistant, so it's ideal for outdoor use. It will sit in the palm of your hand and comes in a range of colours. 

Importantly, this is a speaker that's dripping in quality. From the leather strap to the aluminium grille, this perky little speaker looks great. 

The internal battery will give you 24 hours of playback. In our testing, this is a realistic measure too, so you know it's not going to conk out too soon. 

That's not the only bargain to be had on Black Friday. There are a huge range of headphones and speakers on offer on Amazon and elsewhere too.