(Pocket-lint) - Bang & Olufsen has announced its new BeoLink Multiroom offering which aims to connect its products, for music that follows a user round the home.

The idea behind the BeoLink Multiroom is to turn older B&O products into a modern audio solution akin to Sonos' offerings. So you can have music follow you about the house or play different tunes in various rooms.

The system will work at the touch of a button. Leave one room and enter another, tap the button on the B&O product and the speaker will activate to continue playing where you are.

The BeoRemote and BeoMusic App allow users to pop the system into standby mode when leaving the house with one touch. They also allow for linking and unlinking of products between rooms. This also includes B&O televisions.

The brains in the BeoLink Multiroom adapt by listening to patterns and learning what a user enjoys, and when. So a tap of the system in the morning will automatically kick-in with music to start the day.

B&O explains: "To add more rooms to your experience, simply touch to join. In the living room you might tap the BeoPlay A9 speaker to join the Multiroom experience, and in your kitchen you may click the wall-mounted BeoSound Essence to let the music flow from the source."

Older systems such as the BeoSound 9000 or BeoGram 4000 can be connected using a BeoLink converter.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.