(Pocket-lint) - Bang & Olufsen and HP have announced a partnership that will see the high end audio manufacturer and PC maker team-up to take on the Apple and Beats group.

HP laptops used to have Beats branding and tuning until Beats moved to Apple.

So what does this partnership mean? Future HP devices, like laptops and desktops, will be tuned up by Bang & Olufsen. This should mean more clear music from HP devices thanks to isolating audio circuitry as well as reducing the amount of metal used in the headphone jack.

HP products including laptops, desktops and tablets should come with B&O branding from now on. Weather that means they will also have specific amps is not clear at this stage. Mobile hardware should have the B&O Play specific branding.

If the B&O tuning isn't to the owner's liking they can modify the levels using a new customisation panel that will come pre-installed on HP devices. That will include pre-sets from B&O as well as full manual tuning for those that want it.

Will Bang & Olufsen's high-end branding tempt you into buying HP in the future? If so you can begin being wooed this spring when the new kit starts to hit shelves.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.