(Pocket-lint) - Iconic Bang & Olufsen has announced its first wireless speakers, the Immaculate Wireless Sound range in the BeoLab 17, 18 and 19. All the units use a new wireless standard in the 5Ghz range which was achieved with the Wisa Wireless Speaker and Audio specialists. They say this is the standard set for others to aim for - 5GHz means a clear 7.1 surround experience at 24-bit and 96Khz, wirelessly.

The BeoLab 17 is a wireless speaker made from extruded aluminium with a high-gloss finish. You don't normally find wireless speakers made of metal, because of signal problems. That's why B&O has crammed in four antennas for seamless sound. The 2.8 litre speaker comes with one 6-inch midrange/bass driver, powered by a separate 160 watt class D amplifier and one three quarter inch dome tweeter, also powered by a separate 160 watt class D amplifier. It will come with a bookshelf stand and floor stand, floor base and wall brackets are also available. The covers on the front and top are replaceable and will come in white, black and blue. The BeoLab 17 can be used as rear speakers in a surround set up, or as primary speakers. The set will cost £2,590.

The BeoLab 18 (top) is the new wireless version of B&O's best-selling BeoLab 8000, but has been completely redesigned from the ground up. The most obvious thing you'll notice is the lamella front which opens up the sound along with the 360-degree light guide on the top. The speaker is powered by two 4-inch midrange/bass drivers running in parallel, driven by a 160-watt class D amplifier and a three-quarter inch acoustic lens-based tweeter, driven by a 160-watt class D amplifier. The lamella will come in black or white and will cost £3,990 for a set. An oak or lamella front is a further £790.

The BeoLab 19 is a subwoofer designed by Copenhagen's Jakob Wagner featuring 12 pentagon shapes making up a dodecahedron - one of nature's five perfect shapes. The cast iron base and anodised aluminium dual shells moulded into one piece are strong, made under 50 tonnes of pressure. It will use the same wireless standard and is powered by two 8-inch woofers, mounted back-to-back and driven by separate 160-watt class D amplifiers with a lower cut off frequency of 21Hz (-10dB). The BeoLab 19 will cost £2,195.

Older B&O televisions can also be used with the wireless speakers using the new Transmitter Box which can be bought separately. All connected televisions from B&O are now able to play Spotify natively will the latest update.

Writing by Luke Edwards.