(Pocket-lint) - Bang & Olufsen has announced its latest surround sound system: the B&O BeoSound 14, a brand new system that looks as though it's flown in from outerspace.

As is typical of the designer audio-visual manufacturer, the £2,495 price tag for the 4.1 system - it's £2,795 for a 5.1 set - makes for an equally other-worldly asking price.

But let's fly on by the price tag, as the BeoSound 14 is all about impressing from both audio and aesthetic standpoints.

Designed for use with any TV set - whether B&O's own products or a third-party manufacturer - the surround system consists of a 280-watt subwoofer with downward-facing 8-inch driver in a tall, 15-litre design which acts as the amplification "brain" for the rest of the system. Low-end is available from a rumbling 26hz.

Each 140-watt 2.5-inch satellite speaker is mounted in a single-formed aluminium design and four or five speaker packages are available depending on whether you intend to use your TV's output as the centre front speaker or not.

The minimalist design has a wealth of placement possibilities - as well as the included wall-mounts, the satellite speakers can be mounted on optional stands (£190 a pair) or even upside down from the ceiling.

Digital signal processing is controlled from within the subwoofer which handles each satellite speaker's amplification and EQing.

Cheap it's not, but trendy it is. Welcome to the designer surround sound system. Pocket-lint is at the worldwide launch in London, so keep those eyes peeled for a fuller ears-on experience.

Writing by Mike Lowe.