Bang & Olufsen, the ultra high end home audio and television manufacturer, has released the "gasp" slightly more affordable BeoSound 5 Encore.

The plug and play audio system acts as a little brother to the BeoSound 5 and is intended to be a one-stop-shop solution for managing your music library.

The idea is that you stick your music collection in via USB, computer, music player or hard disk and then the Encore instantly indexes it. It will then let you select and play back tracks via a 10.4-inch wheel-controlled display.

Auto playlist generation is created by something called MOTS, an algorithm that will play similar tracks to the first one selected.

The BeoSound 5 Encore is to ship in a combination of aluminium and black colours and sticking the player on the wall via the £75 extended bracket and you essentially have an audio accessory from Star Trek. The device looking more like a spaceship control panel than a music player. 

The BeoSound 5 Encore is out now and retails at the bargain price of - wait for it - £2900.