Bang & Olufsen, the Danish dazzlers, have revealed the details of its latest stylish product - the multi-directional BeoVox 2 in-wall loudspeaker.

Designed to look as at home in your living room as you bathroom, the speaker was created by Anders Hermansen and has a two-way passive system.

It has a 5-inch cone bass driver with a 60-20,000Hz frequency range. There is a smaller version too, with a 3-inch cone. Both are designed to fit seamlessly into your wall or ceiling where they can be titled into the optimum position.

“The possibility of adjusting the speaker units towards a dedicated listening position improves the timbral balance and ensures a more directional sound experience,” explains acoustic engineer at Bang & Olufsen, Jens Rahbek.

“Furthermore, we have selected high-quality speaker units and applied a carefully designed cross-over network to attenuate and improve the performance of BeoVox 2 so the sound dispersion in the treble area is optimised.”

BeoVox 2 speakers will be available in white or black - no price details have yet been disclosed.