High-end audio manufacturer Bang & Olufsen has just announced a rather intriguing-looking product - the Beolab 11. Despite looking a little like eggs in Aliens (the company describes it as having a "strong sculptural presence"), it's actually a subwoofer.

But where it differs from the traditional square box in the corner is that it consists of two separate speaker cabinets that face each other, containing 6.5-inch drivers. That introduces an acoustic balance, claims B&O, which means that it generates bass with minimal vibrations and can be placed wherever you like - even hung on a wall.

The company says: "With BeoLab 11 you get a richer sound not only in the bass area but also in the other frequency areas as it takes over smaller loudspeakers’ reproduction of the lower frequencies. This means that all capacity in the smaller speakers can be used to handle upper bass, midrange and treble".

It'll be showing up around the middle of May in the States, and cost around $2,000. Ouch. No word on UK pricing or availability, but if it's cheaper here than in the US, we'll eat the official Pocket-lint hat. Which is a fez.

Thanks for the tip Tom.