(Pocket-lint) - Ex-Apple designer Christopher Singer is looking to compete against his former company with a HomePod rivalling speaker system.

His new firm, Syng, is developing what it claims to be an innovative "Cell" speaker - a device that uses a new audio format and computational audio technique to offer revolutionary sound.

What this means is anyone's guess at present, considering all smart speakers use computational audio techniques. Also, great and revolutionary audio performances don't necessarily go hand-in-hand.

Still, we'll reserve judgement until we've heard what Syng has to offer, especially as it has several other ex-Apple employees on its books - including the team that worked on the HomePod's spatial audio technology.

As well as Apple's HomePod, the Syng speaker could well be seen as a competitor to alternatives from Sonos, Amazon and Google. We'll have to wait and see whether it will employ smarts too, such as voice control through Alexa, Google Assistant or even Siri.

We doubt the last one, however, considering Apple's tight hold on it.

Apple itself is rumoured to be planning a second-generation HomePod, to debut later this year. While Sonos will expand its collection with the Sonos Five, Sonos Arc and third-generation Sub from early June.

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Sync will certainly have to do something special to fit in.

Writing by Rik Henderson.