(Pocket-lint) - Apple has dropped the price of its HomePod smart speaker in the US and UK. You can see our best HomePod prices in the table below - updated live. 

In the US the device is down to $299 from $349 at the US Apple Store, while it's down to £279 from £319 in the UK. It's around a 15 percent drop. 


The HomePod's sound was well-received when it debuted in early 2018 - it's a formidable device for a living room or study - but its Siri integration is patchy while there are several key missing features like Bluetooth support.

Apple has, however, released several updates for the device. It introduced stereo-pairing and multiroom support in the AirPlay 2 update while phone calls and multiple timers have also been introduced along the way.  

As we've said before on this site, while the HomePod might not have been a runaway success it still appears to have sold well - though Apple doesn't release precise figures. In late 2018 it was estimated that HomePod had a six percent slice of the smart speaker market and had sold well over a million units in the months after launch. 

We've outlined what we want to see from the next-gen HomePod here - Apple HomePod 2: What we want to see in Apple's second-gen smart speaker

Writing by Dan Grabham.