(Pocket-lint) - Is Apple Music about to come to Chromecast and Google Home? Some digging of code by 9to5Google suggests that might well be the case. 

Apple Music is already available on Android and works well, but you can't cast from it. Apple is working on updating the app at the moment; the recent 2.8 update added support for Chromebooks.

New bug-busting releases to the Google Play store (2.8.2) point the way to work on the Chromecast and even include Apple's application ID that developers use to register a cast application with Google. Chromecast support will mean that Apple Music can be casted to Google Home devices as well as smart TVs. 

Apple is keen to open up its services during 2019 as it prepares for the launch of the Apple TV+ streaming service and is working with TV vendors to enable AirPlay and HomeKit from Apple devices to work through compatible sets.

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In the music space, one of Spotify's key strengths is its availability on as many devices as possible. Even though Apple would like us all to buy HomePods, that's not a realistic dream for now.

Apple Music has recently launched on Amazon Alexa devices in the US (we think the UK launch is imminent) and is expected to come to Google Home devices natively in future, too - a test of Apple Music compatibility on Google Assistant was previously spotted

Writing by Dan Grabham.