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(Pocket-lint) - Amazon Echo has been doing so well that not only Google wants to copy it but now Apple as well.

Amazon recently admitted that it's having trouble keeping Echo in stock due to high demand. It also launched two additional versions of the Bluetooth-enabled speaker, indicating once more that Echo is a success for the retailer. It therefore isn't hard to see why Google unveiled in May a similar device called Google Home. Like Echo, Home has a built-in assistant that can answer questions and help with daily tasks.

Eager to jump on board this new trend of always-listening speakers, Apple is supposedly now developing a competitor to Amazon Echo and Google Home. The company's speaker will feature Siri, according to The Information. It will also be able to control smart home devices and work with third-party apps, as Apple is reportedly opening up Siri so that developers can finally leverage the voice assistant's powers.

Although Apple has been working on this Siri speaker long before Echo ever arrived, expect the company to continue taking its time on this project. Apple will likely release a Siri software development kit first (maybe even in June during its annual WWDC conference). This SDK would let any developer use Apple's voice assistant, whereas only a select few developers and companies, such as Yelp, now have access.

It'll be interesting to see whether Apple's Siri speaker will make waves since it is so late to the game. We can imagine the product being successful if it comes out of the gate being able to work with several apps, thus making it more useful than what's currently offered by the competition.

Writing by Elyse Betters.