Intempo has announced the launch of its "InConcert" iPod speaker-dock that it says "really performs on sound and price".

Priced at £99, Intempo claims "rich, room-filling sound" for the mini system, that's available now from and Argos.

"InConcert's single speaker-grill conceals 35watt stereo speakers which deliver a punch when it comes to audio performance", said an Intempo product manager.

"The twin midrange speakers and integrated subwoofer mean it's equally suited to all styles of music. The crisp, clear midrange picks out ambient atmospherics from the likes of Lemon Jelly and Aphex Twin as easily as it can punch out bass and breaks from Dizzee Rascal, while keeping the lyrics sharp".

Complete with a remote, the InConcert has a Mini USB port for hook up to a PC as well as line-in for other audio devices.

The InConcert is compatible with all iPod models, although it won't charge the iPod Shuffle.