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(Pocket-lint) - Flexible display specialist Royole has revealed a crazy Amazon Alexa-powred smart speaker here at CES 2020 - it has an 8-inch AMOLED display wrapped around the outside for watching video content without a second screen.

It'll cost $899/£799 when it goes on sale in the coming months. It should have pretty decent audio as the company have partnered with US audio specialist Cleer Audio for the device. 

At Royole's press conference we saw the gloss black device in action - although with one single simple video on a loop - and it certainly stands out from the crowd with a unique design. Size-wise it's similar to the original Amazon Echo smart speaker. 


In practice we expect the cylindrical device to work a little like an Amazon Echo Show - although it's unclear if it will have the same operating system that the Echo Show devices do. 

There's a 5MP camera for video calling with physical mute switch (like Amazon's own Echo Show 5 and 8 devices) while there are two far-field microphones housed on the outside. 

Royole also showed off the new $129/£129 RoWrite 2 smart notebook as well as a prototype demonstration of Royole's RoTree paper-thin flexible display tech. The company says it is working with "hundreds" of other companies that are keen to use its flexible display technology in their own devices.

Writing by Dan Grabham.
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