(Pocket-lint) - Amazon has launched a new product in its Echo ecosystem called Echo Input Portable Smart Speaker Edition, and initially it's an exclusive to the Indian market. 

This tiny speaker has a built-in 4,800mAh battery, 360-degree sound and functions in exactly the same way as any other Echo device. 

Sounds simple enough a concept, but the name is a little long and confusing, to say the least. 

That bit that threw us was the "Input" mention. Amazon's Echo Input is a speaker-less disk that you plug in to an existing audio system or speaker to add Echo functionality to your current non-smart rig. The Input Portable is not that at all. It has a speaker of its own. 

Amazon India

While we doubt anyone will be using the full Echo Input Portable Smart Speaker Edition name at any point, the speaker itself does seem very useful. 

The built-in battery can get up to 10 hours of music playback or 11 hours standby, and means you can have an Amazon Echo that's not permanently tethered to a power outlet. 

This isn't the first time Amazon has launched a battery-powered smart speaker. In the US there was the Tap, which wasn't particularly popular, and was discontinued without a replacement. 

We're unsure if the Echo Input Portable will launch outside India. Currently it's an exclusive, and with the array of third party Alexa-equipped speakers now available in western markets, it would have stiff competition. 

Saying that, with a pre-launch price of R4,999 (around £54/$69) it's certainly not expensive. 

It launches officially on 18 December, but pre-orders are available now

Writing by Cam Bunton.