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(Pocket-lint) - Amazon has launched a new product in its Echo ecosystem called Echo Input Portable Smart Speaker Edition, and initially it's an exclusive to the Indian market. 

This tiny speaker has a built-in 4,800mAh battery, 360-degree sound and functions in exactly the same way as any other Echo device. 

Sounds simple enough a concept, but the name is a little long and confusing, to say the least. 

That bit that threw us was the "Input" mention. Amazon's Echo Input is a speaker-less disk that you plug in to an existing audio system or speaker to add Echo functionality to your current non-smart rig. The Input Portable is not that at all. It has a speaker of its own. 

Amazon IndiaAmazon Echo Input Portable Smart Speaker Edition is a wireless battery-powered Echo image 2

While we doubt anyone will be using the full Echo Input Portable Smart Speaker Edition name at any point, the speaker itself does seem very useful. 

The built-in battery can get up to 10 hours of music playback or 11 hours standby, and means you can have an Amazon Echo that's not permanently tethered to a power outlet. 

This isn't the first time Amazon has launched a battery-powered smart speaker. In the US there was the Tap, which wasn't particularly popular, and was discontinued without a replacement. 

We're unsure if the Echo Input Portable will launch outside India. Currently it's an exclusive, and with the array of third party Alexa-equipped speakers now available in western markets, it would have stiff competition. 

Saying that, with a pre-launch price of R4,999 (around £54/$69) it's certainly not expensive. 

It launches officially on 18 December, but pre-orders are available now

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Writing by Cam Bunton. Originally published on 4 December 2019.