(Pocket-lint) - All eyes will be on be on Lisbon, Portugal this weekend as the annual Eurovision song contest takes places on Saturday 12 May. Amazon Alexa is getting in on the singing action with a special Eurovision skill.

With the skill installed on an Amazon Echo or Echo Dot, Alexa will be able to impress you with its knowledge of the singing contest. The skill has been developed by the European Broadcasting Union's Technology and Innovation and Media departments. Only users in the UK, Germany, Austria and America can take advantage of the skill

You will be able to ask Alexa who won Eurovision in any year dating back to 1956 when the competition started, or when the UK last won it - cast your minds back to 1997 and Katrina and the Waves. Alexa will also be able to play you any winning song from 2017 back to 1956 if you're an Amazon Music Unlimited member, as well as a live stream of the contest on Saturday via the BBC.

Other questions you can ask Alexa include:

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  • When is the Eurovision Song Contest starting?
  • Who is the U.K. entry for Eurovision this year?
  • How many countries are participating in Eurovision this year?
  • Where is Eurovision this year?
  • What's the Eurovision theme this year?
Writing by Max Langridge.