(Pocket-lint) - Amazon isn't done expanding its Echo line of voice-activated devices.

Earlier this week, Amazon introduced the Echo Look, the latest entry to its Echo line. Echo Look is unlike the original Echo, Tap, and Echo Dot in that it's primarily about taking photos and giving style advice, rather than music playback or enhancing an existing audio setup. Now, according to CNET, Amazon is about to launch a new Echo, and like Echo Look, it has a dramatically different form factor and function.

This new Echo device has a built-in screen. Amazon is reportedly trying to more fully develop its Echo devices, each of which provide access to the company's Alexa voice assistant. An unnamed source told CNET that Amazon isn't happy that Google's own smart speaker, Google Home, was first at being able to identify users by their voice, so it's trying to stay ahead of the curve by quickly introducing new products.

Amazon's new Echo device is expected to debut in May. It may help Amazon expand Echo's capabilities by offering video chats and a way to online shop. Keep in mind reports about an Echo with a screen have been circulating for some time. The device is thought to have the code name "Knight". It's unclear if it has a touchscreen, but the screen will presumably still allow Alexa to respond to more complex queries.

There's even a chance Amazon will come out with an Echo that includes both a screen and camera. Nothing is confirmed, of course, but we can't help but wonder if such a move would end up cannibalising sales of the Echo Look or even Amazon's Fire tablets, which also offer Alexa.

Writing by Elyse Betters.