Klipsch has announced a couple of "affordable" speaker sets designed for home cinema use. There's the HD Theatre 500 and HD Theatre 300. Both provide 5.1 channels of dynamic audio that Klipsch claims will "enhance your entertainment experience".

The two sets both comprise five satellite speakers that each have a 2.5-inch IMG woofer and a MicroTractrix Horn-loaded 0.75-inch tweeter. In the 300 the tweeter is textile, whereas the 500 upgrades that to aluminium dome. The centre speaker has the same setup but with dual woofers in the 500 and magnetic shielding in both.

The subwoofer comes in a bass-reflex design with a rear-firing flared port. The driver is 8-inches in the HD Theatre 500, and 6.5-inches in the HD Theatre 300. The satellites come with wall brackets that have a 40-degree range of mounting, and the centre channel has a 45-degree cradle base.

The HD Theatre 300 costs £400, and the HD Theatre 500 is £500. Both are available now from klipsch.co.uk.