Let's be honest here - TV speakers are a bit weedy. Unless you've got a meaty pair of speakers hooked up to your television, odds are that you're not getting the best sound experience out of your games console, particularly when it comes to music games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero.

So Altec Lansing has decided to do something about it and launch an amplified monitor speaker specifically designed for video games. It's not quite as weighty as it looks - it puts out 40W from a 6.5-inch woofer, but that'll still upset your neighbours quite considerably.

There's a great big volume knob, along with RCA outputs for hooking up even more speakers. It also has a "grab and go" handle to make life a little easier for your roadies. It's pricey for its specs - $100 - and it'll be available in early November in the US. No word on the UK release date yet.