With over 21 million iPhones sold and probably over 100 million iPods, Arcam is hoping to tap into the still growing number of Apple fans with a new dock it claims is the best yet.

The Arcam irDock is, as explained by a spokesman for the company, "a chunk of cast-alloy from Arcam's award-winning industrial design team, that delivers superb sonic results".

Costing £150 and available in November, the irDock is the follow on from the Arcam rDock iPod docking station from the Cambridge based company. It promises to "draw on Arcam's decades of high-end design experience" to supposedly bring you the best sound in town.

Promising to work with anything that has an input, the new model will charge iPods and iPhones, prevents interference from "dirty" power, enhanced RF suppression, improved sound quality, video output and "intelligent" charging that doesn't charge the iPod when not needed.

Those looking for the lazy option will be disappointed. While the irDock is compatible with Arcam's standard remote control you won't get one in the box.