Revo has just announced a new iPod dock/DAB radio/music system called the Domino D3. It combines a number of audio sources into one unit, including the ability to listen to on the device.

It's worth mentioning the design, because the company has won design awards in the past. The D3 has a retro look, with soft edges and has a rubberised coating. On the left is the OLED display, on the right is the speaker, and in the middle are three knobs used to control its functions.

Those functions include DAB, DAB+, internet radio, FM radio, wireless streaming of music files from a connected PC or Mac, and an iPod and iPhone dock. As previously mentioned, it can also access, though you'll need a subscription to get access to that service. It comes with 30 days free, and it's £3 per month thereafter.

The Domino is also available in cheaper versions. There's a D1 edition which has DAB but no Wi-Fi, and a D2 that has Wi-Fi but no DAB. The D1 costs £130, the D2 is £150, and the full-on D3 is £170. All three are on sale from 1 November and come in black or white.