Klipsch has announced the release of a new set of speakers - the Icon W range. "Wood is good!" shouts the company, which aimed with this release - it says - to produce a series of slim, furniture-grade home cinema speakers.

"When compared to traditional box products, these speakers are more refined, take up less space yet still deliver the high-output, low-distortion sound Klipsch is known for", says Mark Casavant, Klipsch's VP Product Development.

Five models are found in the Icon W series - the WF-35 and WF-34 floorstanders, the WB-14 bookshelf speaker, the WC-24 centre speaker and the WS-24 surround satellite. The floorstanders have three fibreglass cones, along with a 25mm tweeter.

The bookshelf speaker has a 4.5-inch fibreglass cone, and the centre and surround speakers have two. Each uses a 1-inch titanium driver, along with XT horns. For bass, Klipsch reckons the XW-500d or XW-300d are best suited.

The speakers are housed in Berlinia, which is a non-endangered wood from West Africa. 10 coats of Polyurethane are added, and then they go on sale. How much for? £1200 for two WF-35s, £1060 for two WF24s, £480 for two WB-14s, £430 for the centre WC-24 and £600 for a pair of WS-24s. They're available now from specialist dealers and klipsch.co.uk.